using sound to simulate a series of vr installations for music festivals

About L.A. Experiential

L.A. Experiential II builds on last year’s edition and on Los Angeles’ role as the world’s entertainment capital. Informed by the fast-paced entertainment industry, students will be asked to design an installation for a music festival venue. Students will be presented with typical variables of the festival industry and will challenge the limitations caused by standard material consciousness, budget, client needs, along with the prolonged complication of building construction.

Students will continue exploring new forms of spatial experiences for the media, entertainment, and music festival venues with the added element of virtual reality. So rather than thinking of architecture as a physical/static set for events or performances, a new type of architecture using technology will allow us to tap into unrealized spatial experiences.

Students will simultaneously work through the physical, digital, and virtual world(s), as a design, representation, and experience strategy. All participants will face the challenge of physical constraints and the alternative grounds of experimentation through virtual platforms.

They will experiment the duality of “real” and “virtual” and how it can stimulate or promote new senses achieved through visual and ephemeral technologies that can take over portions of the public realm, to expand architecture and urban space into a performance oriented space. Music, Theatre and Visual Art will conspire and transport us into a new realm of urban and architectural venture.

Taking Place

"A hyperactive hothouse for interdisciplinary

Eulalia Moran is a graduate of The Architectural Association School of Architecture. She is an architect and artist. She founded Rosae Architecture in 2014 in London and is now based in Barcelona where she is working in different projects. Previously, she worked for Foster and Partners where she had the opportunity to be involved in office, residential and airport projects in numerous countries such as Taiwan, Portugal and Kuwait.

Devin Gharakhanian is a creative director and environmental designer producing spatial experiences. He is the co-founder of publication/media platform SuperArchitects and a Sci-Arc Edge Program sponsee to R+D the worlds of film, fiction, animation, marketing, and story-worlding. His experimental lab, QUARC, curates interdisciplinary teams to rethink and manifest unseen spatial atmospheres in the spaces between architecture, media, and technology.

Jordan Hartman holds a B.Arch from SCI-Arc. His interest lies in the creation of immersive experiences driven by the emerging  possibilities granted by new-tech. His expertise consist of digital design, fabrication, and music, which directly correlates with his company - RedHouse Productions, mixed media events bridging music and virtual reality. He continues to explore audio simulations and immersive interactive environments.

Hamzah S. Mohammed holds a BS from Texas Tech University and is a M.ARCH II Candidate at SCI-Arc. His specialization is found in the area of integrating cinematic tools when speculating about Virtual Space. These tools include particle simulation through Bifröst, character rigging in MAYA, and scene assembly in VUE. Some of his work include the cinematic VR Experience “BabaGanesh”  with the collaboration of Jordan Hartman.

Kevin Arango holds a B.Arch degree from SCI-Arc. His current interest lies in architecture's powerful relationship to world building with agent-based simulations, procedural production methods and how these techniques can be deployed to explore innovative design methodologies.

Eduardo Atjian II is is a graduate of AAVSLA 2016 and an advocate in utilizing the power of design to bridge communities for cross-disciplinary collaboration. Previously, he co-led TEDxACCD which raised awareness of the systems around us, to redefine those systems to uplift the human experience. Eduardo holds a degree in Public Management and Policy from the University of Arizona.

Karla Marukoglu is a B.Arch candidate from Cal Poly Pomona. While interning with Burdge and Associates, she brought many projects to life and gained experience working in a team setting. Karla has completed study abroad programs in Oxford, Geneva, Istanbul, and Vienna. She plans to continue her career in Architecture and looks forward to work on numerous diverse projects in order to foster and develop promising techniques and skills.

Cheeyoon Lee is a UI/UX and product designer with a B.Arch from SCI-Arc. He has worked on several startups during his studies, and formerly cofounded Thinkerous, an enterprise innovation management platform for identifying impactful ideas. He continues to explore the convergence of tech and design, and spends his time as a collaborator at The RUE Space, freelancing and taking on creative projects.

Alex Dahm works for Goldenvoice and is a part of creating the site plans for and overseeing construction of some of the largest concerts and festivals in the world. Alex has worked for Cliff Garten Studio, as a designer and project coordinator, completing fabrication drawings for projects ranging from public art to furniture design. He also helped create a custom software environment focused on addressing issues present in the Owens Dry Lake caused by the LA Aqueduct while working for Landscape Morphologies Lab, researched, modeled and prototyped projects made using airform concrete construction for local architect Douglas Stanton, and has experience building low-income housing while working for bcWORKSHOP in Dallas. Alex holds a B.S. Arch from UT Arlington and a M. Arch II from SCI-Arc.

Roger Lima is the founder of White Noise Lab, a Music Composition + Sound Design studio based in Los Angeles, California, currently serving agencies and production companies all around the globe. He works with Agencies, Production Companies and Brands on projects for Films, Broadcast, Interactive Websites, Corporate Videos, Video Games and Experimental Projects. He has collaborated with companies such as Under Armour, Ford, Kia, MTV, Ubisoft, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros, Coke, Swiss Army, Adidas, Red Hat, Nike, Teva, Zazzle, IBM, Ebay, Universal Pictures, and more.

SuperArchitects is an unprecedented democratizing force that’s willing to revitalize and provide a platform for architectures’ emerging counterculture; therefore a network for a new breed of thinkers/doers, who continue to render alternative, unconventional, and experimental ways of reconstructing what architecture might mean in/for the future…

Houdini is a 3D animation application software developed by Side Effects Software based in Toronto. SideFX adapted Houdini from the PRISMS suite of procedural generation software tools. Its exclusive attention to procedural generation distinguishes it from other 3D computer graphics software. Houdini has been used in various feature animation productions, including Disney's feature films Frozen and Zootopia; the Blue Sky Studios film Rio, and DNA Productions' Ant Bully.

Goldenvoice is concerts and festivals. Buy concert tickets and get the latest concert, presale, and festival announcements.

White Noise Lab is a Music Composition + Sound Design studio based in Los Angeles, California, and currently serving agencies and production companies all around the globe. At White Noise Lab, we work with Agencies, Production Companies and Brands on projects for Films, Broadcast, Interactive Websites, Corporate Videos, Video Games and Experimental Projects.

VRLA is the world's largest virtual and augmented reality expo, welcoming both consumers and industry professionals. The expo will feature cutting-edge demos of the most exciting projects in development for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, Google Cardboard, Samsung GearVR, and more! Each day will be stacked with a lineup of insightful presentations, panels, and announcements.

Redhouse Productions positions itself at the intersection between music and media.  Our goal is to provide our community with one of a kind mixed media experience.

The Rue is a hyper-active hothouse incubating emerging creatives with interests in mixed-media, design, and physical/digital technology. this space draws a diverse collective of forward-thinking affiliates that will develop in parallel with their peers, instigating the notion of "the great group" effect.

NAVEL is a test site for collective enterprise.

YOYUU Creative is a media agency based in New York City and Los Angeles, providing creative direction, mixed-media production, and content. Established in 2015, the agency is built on the belief that great design can help transform the experience. We advise companies on modern approaches to brand & business challenges. Collaborating with leadership of organizations, we define and realize new vision through communication strategy, storytelling and design.

10 day workshop kicks off
July 6 - July 15, 2017

“From different parts of the world we came, we collaborated, we imagined, we designed, we built, and we made magic at Pershing Square. Truly an experience that I will never forget.”

Karla Marukoglu, AAVSLA Alumni

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